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Amy Conger Consulting

We translate expert information to newbies.

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Amy Conger Consulting uses instructional design, visual design and multimedia production to be your partner in developing learning programs and training courses.

We bring both technical fluency and research-based standards to ensure that your eLearning is accessible, effective and delightful.


Amy Conger has been bringing a unique blend of capabilities to the eLearning field since 2006. Amy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Master of Education, and Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. She’s a self-described “geek” who spends her free time learning about and tinkering with new technologies.


Kitchenware Product Knowledge: Knives

The Kitchenware Product Knowledge series of eLearning courses was developed for a retail audience that required general knowledge of a new product category.

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How Clothes Dryers Work

This interactive learning tool was created as part of a more comprehensive course for retail salespersons new to selling clothes dryers.

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Saving for Retirement

This course seeks to demystify the process of saving for retirement. It maintains a positive tone while encouraging early retirement savings and addressing common misconceptions.

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Health Powered Kids™ by Allina Health®

Health Powered Kids provides schools, community organizations and families fun, easy-to-use information about health and wellness. We consulted with curriculum writers to develop online activities that engage young people.

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Amy Conger
Minneapolis, MN
(763) 234-7844

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